Hoping that everyone had a great long weekend and that you were able to enjoy the gift of summer-like temperatures these past days. Last Monday the Board of Trustees, after an extensive search, appointed Superintendent Vince Romeo as your next Director of Education beginning August 1st. I am so very proud to have an internal candidate succeed me in the role, it is a true testament to the strength and depth of talent that resides within our Board. Vince’s leadership, along with that of the Senior Team, will bring the board to a new level of excellence in the years ahead. Congratulations Vince. I am pleased to turn over this space today to Vince!



Thank you Linda. It is an honour to transition into the role over the next two months. During an unprecedented school year, and an even longer pandemic, I would like to thank each and every one of you serving in this system. It has not been an easy year for any of us. Like all school districts in the province, we have found ourselves responding and adjusting to new information regarding student and staff safety, and public health advice, on a regular basis. Moving a system with over 3000 employees like ours, over the course of days, and in some cases, hours, is not an easy feat in the best of circumstances. Your ability to respond and adjust on such short notice this year is the reason our 22,000 students entrusted to your care will conclude this school year safely and successfully.


As Linda said, I look forward to working alongside our Senior Team as we move into the years ahead, listening and working with each of you, in the service of students, to uphold the mission and vision of this district school board. We have so much to celebrate in LDCSB. That celebration begins with you and your witness of faith demonstrated to each other – staff and students alike. I will use this forum to communicate directly with each of you moving forward. Enjoy your week and thank you again for your dedication, patience, and commitment to our system.


Vince Romeo