Using Tools, Talents and Technology

The theme for Catholic Education Week was Nurturing Hope. Thank you to all our staff, students and families for making this week special and for the many and varied ways hope was nurtured.


Our board has a long and impressive history of our elementary students taking part in board wide recreational activities. This year ‘our rules of engagement’ did not permit many of these activities to take place. However, using the tools, talents and technology available to us, one of the activities did proceed last week and that was Dance Fest. Dance Fest provides an opportunity for our educators and their students to share and celebrate dancing. While we missed not being able to gather at a community venue, we came together virtually and through technology shared ‘dance ideas’ in an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

Approximately 1550 students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 from across the District participated in this year's Virtual Dance Fest. One song was chosen, and a dance was choreographed for each division. Each division performed their own dance but when they reached the chorus, all students performed the same moves. It was our way of "Dancing Together" while being apart.

Thank you to everyone who took part and special thanks to our dedicated Dance Fest Team of Graham Gress, Sarah Irvine, Sharon Gillies and Nancy Cavaco for all their work ‘behind the screens’!

This past Saturday, Fr. Jim Mockler, School Board Chaplain celebrated 50 years of priestly service! On May 8, 1971, Fr. Jim was ordained to the priesthood. On behalf of our entire LDCSB community, we thank Fr. Jim for his dedicated service, presence, and inspiration that he has and continues to provide our Board.